Podcasting: Osaka Jyogakuin College

  1. JI_logo2.jpg Interview with Professor Eiko Kato, First in the World to Apply iPods to Education
    • Steve McCarty (Professor, Osaka Jogakuin College): interviews Eiko Kato, Harvard PhD and 15-year Mac user, who initiated the distribution of iPods loaded with English listening materials to all incoming students at Osaka Jogakuin College from April 2004.

    • This interview itself is a transcribed podcast from Japancasting, a spoken library for listening by computer or MP3 player at blogmatrix-v10-logo.pnghttp://stevemc.blogmatrix.com

  2. blogmatrix-v10-logo.png You can upload and share audio and video files.
    • BlogMatrix is NOT a free podcasting/videocasting site, however.
      • Free for the first one month,
      • Our base package is only $4.50/month
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  3. This WordPress Blog site is FREE and allows uploading Vidos.  You can edit a video file with an audio to upload… .

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