Weblog Project – Crowdabout

AdvComp Weblog Project 2007 Crowdabout

Crowdabout – podcast generated from another podcast via RSS feeds

  1. logo.jpg crowdabout.us/tour/ – crowdaboutでなにができるの?
  2. man3.gifMY SHOW – crowdabout.us/myasuda
  3. google検索 myasuda voiceblog
  4. VoiceBlogの「RSS to Podcast via Text2Speech」スレッドが crowdaboutサイトでも聞けます。
  5. KGLAW-IT forum – myasuda 備忘録メモサイト:atbb 掲示板 <– inframeで上のスレッド音声が聞けます。
  6. ケャ?グ | VOICE BLOG PORTAL - Podcasting対応/声によるウェブャ?? -Detailed crowdabout setup memos uploaded at voiceblog
  7.  voiceblog myasuda
  8. If you wish to proof-read your own text (MS-Word, web pages), you can try ‘Natural Reader’ or some other text2speech readers, which you would have to download to your own PC at home, NOT at school PCs. http://www.google.com/search?q=natural+reader&q=text2speech
  9. http://www.microsoft.com/speech/evaluation/thirdparty/engines.mspx

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