Weblog Project RSS2FEED

 Weblog Project – 2006, & 2007

zzzKGLAW-IT forum - myasuda フォーラム一覧zzz PHP BBS attb.jp php?t=83 

  • Audio was generated via MIX RSS service by Feed2Podcast.com  (free Web site)

  1. 2006 – yomoya_banashi: Etsuko U.
  2. 2006 – 4318 in Adv-comp: M. N.
  3. 2007 – My KG: Emiko M.

audio: [splashcast XJMX8962YS]

Video and audio

  1. (AVI) from screen clips, by AviScreen (PDS) It can not be registered in Splach show site, for unknown reason.

  2. audio (same as the above player), and

  3. some from YouTube on ‘EFL Wrting’

videos and audio: [splashcast ZBBO9822FI]

Related site links:

  1. PHP BBSKGLAW-IT forum - myasuda フォーラム一覧

  2. Crowdabout:man3.gif

  3. VocalFruits


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