Boston bombings: FBI appeals for help finding two suspects

Boston bombings: FBI appeals for help finding two suspects | World news |

• The FBI is seeking more than one person in connection with Monday’s double-bombing of the Boston marathon. According to the New York Times and Boston Globe, quoting “a person” and “an official” briefed on the investigation, video footage shows clear images of two people carrying black bags at the site of each explosion.
FBI — Photos

20130419-095649.jpgbrowse a larger PIC via my Twitter thread:

Incorrect news and confusions!

Poynter. » NY Post runs pictures of men it says feds are looking for

“The New York Post on Thursday has printed on its cover an image of two men standing together at the marathon under the headline “BAG MEN: Feds seek these two pictured at Boston marathon.” The image shows two young men, one with a duffle bag and one wearing a backpack, talking to one another.”

“Gawker points out that not only did CBS News confirm, after the Post cover emerged, that the men pictured are not “suspects”; crowd-sourced investigations on reddit and other sites a day earlier had identified the men – kids, actually – and found them to be “incredibly unlikely suspects.”


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